logo-hambi's boulders
Bird Watching
This is your chance to listen to the melody of various sounds and notes which prevail in the resort thanks to the scores of the birds and mammals found here.
Walk Around the Lake
Take a walk around the lake and soak in the scenic beauty
Beach Volleyball
Guests will get to experienve the river while playing a game of volleyball on our own natural river beach.
The Pool
Experience the tranquility at the rock pool while you watch the monkeys and the various birds.
Club House
The sporty ones can enjoy a game of pool or table tennis at the club house, or even hit the mini gym for a quick workout session.
Walk to the Island
Guests can take a walk over the bamboo bridges overlooking the magnificent boulders. The natural waterfalls over the river is fantastic.
Walk to the Waterfalls
Enjoy the intricate rock formation while you listen to the chords of nature. One can even walk over the artistic boulders to watch the breathtaking waterfall.
Watch the stars and the sounds of nature and listen to some music at the bon-fire while you savor the kebabs and the snacks prepared on the spot.
Vegetable Garden
Take a guided walk to the organic vegetable garden through the wilderness trail, that weaves through the mango plantation.